Meet the Baker: Arlene of Pieces AM

Can you share a bit about your business and what you do?

I make handmade pieces that can be altered to fit you! I started off with masks and am slowly branching into other pieces. 

When and why did you decide to start your new business? 

2020. What started off as making masks for family and friends turned into a small business after a lot of encouragement from my loved ones. Fashion has always had a place in my heart. It would be amazing to eventually create personalized pieces for people for special occasions. Wedding dresses, maybe? (✨Manifesting✨) 

What do you love most about running your own business?

The reaction people have when they receive their items. Hearing that a certain piece has become one of their faves or a staple. 

What are your overall goals for your business?

My goal is to branch out of small accessories into bigger pieces such as tops, pants, dresses. A whole outfit of 

For funsies, what’s your favorite product you’ve created so far? 

My fav item so far is the silk mask. It took me very long to learn how to work with silk properly. That silk mask helped me grow! Once I got it right, I was so proud. And it’s soft and comfy. So worth it. The silk mask is one item I’ve had customers repurchase. It’s good for your skin and really helps against maskne.

What else can you provide for interested customers?

Free delivery for purchases over $15!

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