Meet the Digital Illustrator: Emilia

Can you share a bit about your business and what you do?

My name is Emilia, and I create digital illustrations. I’m most passionate about portrait and fashion illustrations; however, I constantly try to learn new styles and concepts! For example, recently, I also started creating product illustrations, which can be used for social media brand posts.  

The name Milimie came to me when I thought about how I could incorporate the letters from my name into a good-sounding title. After writing down several different options, Milimie stuck to me because in my native language, Lithuanian, it sounds very similar to the word “mylimi” which means “loved.” 

When and why did you decide to start your new business?

I started illustrating during the first quarantine, simply out of boredom and wanting to learn something new. I occasionally painted on a canvas before, so learning digital art was just another medium I wanted to experiment with. My first drawings (back in May 2020) were portraits of only a few lines. However, through practicing every day, I improved a lot. 

I started uploading my works to Instagram, just for fun, with no serious intentions. To my surprise, people started messaging me about custom illustration commissions. It was unbelievable to me, as I was never a person who had a lot of confidence in my works. After receiving this much support and interest, I figured that I could turn this into a more serious venture. I started putting more time into my Instagram account, managing my Etsy shop, and engaging with my audience.

What do you love most about running your own business?

What I love the most is that everything is super flexible. I get to create my schedule, which works soo well for me, a night-owl who gets a boost of energy in the middle of the night, lol. While it is quite demanding, I love the challenge and having to continually learn new skills!

I try to find my own style and improve daily by taking inspiration from other illustrators plus not limiting myself to the same color palette or brushes set. I’ve received so many cool opportunities that I would have never dreamed of (ex: illustrating for brands or being featured on blogs such as this one). I also completely love being able to turn people’s cherished moments into digital artwork! 

What are your overall goals for your business?

I have so many ideas for developing this biz further on, yet trying to balance my full-time studies with all that is sometimes overwhelming. However, once I finish my studies, I would love to create illustrations full-time and maybe even branch out to other creative fields such as branding. As for more short-term goals, I am planning to create stickers or prints of my art towards which I am working. 

Currently, what’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created… ever? 

It is hard to choose one, but I would probably say the illustration I did of Olivia Frost. I think this was the first piece where I used some background textures, which I loved so much, so I continued with doing that for my other illustrations. However, I also have been working on a new drawing, which was not shared yet, but I think it is my new favorite!

What services do you provide for anyone who may want to reach out to you/work with you? 

If anyone wants to have a custom illustration done by me, I take orders through Instagram DMs and my Etsy shop

Portrait illustrations can be a perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, housewarming celebrations, or just to show appreciation to a dear person. 

It can also be used as a unique visual on your website or a social media profile photo. In addition, if you are a brand-owner and would like to have an illustration of a product on your social media feed, reach out to me!

  1. mint says:

    the colors used in Milimie’s works feel gentle and they’re really pleasant to look at, i’m always amazed at how they’re matched. and the behind story is honestly so inspiring, i hope doing illustrations full time will follow eventually!! (can’t wait for the prints to be out!)

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