Meet the Owner: Jade of Lemonade 51o

Can you share a bit about your business and what you do?

Lemonade51o is something I started when I had to start making payments for my student loans. I save all the money I make to pay off my $30k debt from Mills College in Oakland. 

I use lemonade51o to express all the ways the Bay Area has impacted me through its culture, community, and consciousness. I make stickers and embroider clothes!

When and why did you decide to start your new business? 

Lemonade started in the late summer of 2018. In addition to what I shared in the previous question, I decided to start with stickers because it was a cheap investment compared to pins, which was my initial idea because I have a pin collection. 

After saving enough funds, I felt confident enough to move to clothes. I chose to do embroidered pieces, but it was easier to begin with a smaller inventory! The benefit of starting with embroidery was that I was actually able to thrift the pieces I sell. I still thrift the majority of the pieces I sell today. 

What do you love most about running your own business?

The evolution of it all. It was something I never imagined, so everything still feels so new. I also love hearing how people feel so connected to some of my designs. The connections I’ve made with people over Lemonade51o are unreal. 

What are your overall goals for your business?

Besides paying off my student loans, I’d love to own and run a community-based store with a storefront with a classroom for workshops, community events, and direct actions in the back. My store would not only have Lemonade products but a collection of other small businesses. That’d truly be amazing.

For funsies, what’s your favorite product you’ve created so far? 

I think out of everything, it’s the Lemonade community. With all of my call to action regarding social change and general support, I can really say the lemonade community is unmatched. 

If someone may want to reach out for a collab or another service, what else can you provide? 

After COVID, I love to vend. I am open to collabs only if the other party has ideas they are ready to brainstorm. I do not have the capacity to develop the collab myself. 

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