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REVIEW–Thundercat Performance at Stone Grove Festival

The Stern Grove Music Festival is just about wrapping up in San Francisco, and for the first time, I finally made my way this year to catch Thundercat perform on Sunday, August 8, inside Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove. 

To keep it simple, here’s what you need to know if you ever want to attend a Stern Grove concert in the future:

  • BE AWARE–Even if you have a ticket, that DOES NOT guarantee you entry into the festival. Due to COVID, tickets are first-come, first-serve. They post their tickets on Eventbrite about two weeks before the actual date, and you secure your access then.
  • So that means, arrive early. This will probably benefit you in the long run so that way you’re closer to the main stage and wouldn’t have to trek up the side of the hill in the dirt.
  • BUT, if you have to make your way climbing through the dirt… This goes for everyone, do NOT wear your best dressed and cutest outfit. At the very least, wear shoes you do not care about getting messy. 
  • Bring a wagon if you have one. We brought two, and although it may have blocked some areas/stalled the walkway, it saves you from carrying so much.
  • Parking is NOT bad if you’re driving there. Park in the residential area and enjoy a nice 5-10 minute walk to the entrance.
  • Bathroom lines go by FAST. This is coming from someone who constantly needs to run to the bathroom. 
  • Do your part, wear a mask. 

As for the actual performance, what bad is there to say about Thundercat?! They brought a mere moment of happiness and relaxation for a solid 1-2 hours. And yes, of course, I danced my heart away to “Funny Thing.” 

The whole event itself was such a vibe and, in my honest opinion, really well handled. This is my first “concert” since COVID hit, and it felt safe. I felt secure knowing I was outdoors, kept my distance, stayed in my circle, and sanitized as often as possible. 

Now let’s see how Outside Lands will be like… 

August 17, 2021

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