Outside Lands, do me a favor and please keep the shuttles for every year

I have one thing to say that many familiar Outside Lands Music Festival attendees will wholeheartedly agree with me. Leaving the music festival is torture I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. 

Anyone familiar with the festival knows what I mean. It’s 10 pm after the concert inside Golden Gate Park, and you’re trekking through the dirt and leaves, making your way to the nearby neighborhood where you can eventually order an Uber or Lyft. Except, that’s what 300+ people are doing at the same time, so now it’s a race to see who will be getting their ride first while others walk for miles to not only finally find a ride but lower the surge prices! 

Until suddenly, this year, Outside Lands opened a new service. *Cue the angelic hymn* Shuttles! 

YES, shuttles have arrived at this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival, and I honestly could not have been happier with the service. For years, I have been wondering the best way to tackle leaving the event. (This will be my 6th or 7th year attending) When I saw this option available in a previous newsletter, I hopped on it right away. 

Yes, it pays to subscribe and READ your newsletters, people! 

The whole process was seamless, and for $50 for all three days?! You cannot beat that price. 

The first day, it was clear the team was still getting used to this new system. At night, no one knew exactly where to go to get back onto the bus and arrive back at Bill Graham where pick up was. The following two days, they cleaned up their act and got the system down. The fact it only took them one day to fix that is astonishing itself. 

I was able to drink, nap, and feel comfortable going to and from the festival all weekend long. THE BEST PART?! On Sunday night (and most nights, TBH), I got home in the East Bay before midnight. I KNOW, YOU CAN GASP. I sure did. 

This is all to say, Outside Lands organizers, you did it right. You did it SO right. Please bring back this service again. I’d happily wait in a queue as if I was buying the actual concert tickets. It’s that good. 

See you back in August 2022!

November 5, 2021

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