‘7000 Miles’ Review: Prepare for a Bumpy Ride with No Twists or Turns

If you knew your relative was famous but wanted to keep their identity a secret, would you keep that buried?

What are we talking about?

Bay Area local and director Amy Glazer and screenwriter Colette Freedman bring that thought into play in 7000 Miles. The film takes place in the 1970s and follows the story of Jo Standish (Alixzandra Dove), a determined pilot who is dismissed from any potential worthwhile opportunities partly because people don’t seem to trust a woman as a pilot. She helps her fiance Richard (David Sheftell) run a small private airline facing business problems when she receives a call to hear her grandfather Bert passed away. Jo flies back not only to lay her grandfather to rest but to support her grandmother Meli Standish (Wendi Malick), through the loss.

When she arrives in Molokai, Hawaii, and spends time with Meli, it becomes a whirlwind of flashbacks to a place she used to call home. It’s there Jo also discovers Meli has Lewy Body Dementia that is causing long-kept hidden memories to come to fruition. Jo follows Meli and finds her connection to one of the world’s famous aviators, Amelia Earhart.

Once discovered, Jo believes this information could do wonders for her fiance’s flying business, but at what cost?

Onto the 7000 Miles review

Overall, 7000 Miles is a unique take to answer the question, “What ever happened to Amelia Earhart?” with this film being one of the many possible outcomes that could’ve been possible. However, there are some areas where there could have been more potential for the film to grow instead of falling into apparent pathways we knew the lead characters would turn towards. The storyline felt very predictable each step of the way, and I felt no real excitement once the movie’s climax, aka the big reveal, happened. The story could have benefited in the long run if there were more unexpected twists and turns.

While the main protagonist Jo steers the movie’s ship, I felt that seeing more of her background story as an aviator would have been crucial to witness a well-fleshed-out character development. In the beginning, we know she’s a woman pilot who faces blatant sexism within the first 10 minutes. Still, the film could have explicitly woven this more to have a powerful impact and spark essential conversations on this very thing Jo struggles with.

The charming factor I appreciated throughout the film was the location, Oahu and Molokai, Hawaii. The land and the culture were very nicely intertwined with the storyline. And, it was breathtaking to see the island’s beauty and culture on a screen so well pictured.

Where can you watch it?

7000 Miles soars into the Cinequest Film Festival on Sunday, August 20, at 1:30 and Tuesday, August 22, at 2:30 pm inside the California Theater in San Jose. Purchase your tickets here.

August 18, 2023

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